XUMM is currently in BETA. We worked really hard to deliver high quality software, but there may still be bugs. Please don't use the XUMM Beta version with your high value accounts, and don't transfer high amounts of XRP/IOU's. If you think you found a bug, please contact us using the support button. If you are a techie/developer you can submit your bug/issue/suggestion at Github.

Signed, Sent, Delivered

Now in Public Beta 🎉

XUMM is an app (for iOS and Android) to access the XRP ledger. XUMM makes sending, receiving and interacting with the XRP ledger easy & secure. XUMM users can easily interact with 3rd party applications using sign requests.
Developers, companies, retail and e-commerce environments can easily connect with the XUMM platform to send sign requests to XUMM app users.

XUMM is currently in Public Beta. While we would greatly appreciate it if you participate in the Beta and provide us with input, for sure there will be things for us to fix. We ask you to proceeed with caution. If you plan on importing, depositing and/or sending XRP or IOU value with the XUMM Beta app, make sure to do it with an account containing only limited amounts of funds.


Have a question? Want to learn more? Do you want to report a bug (Support)? Do you have a feature request, or want to suggest a feature? Or are you a developer wanting to integrate with the XUMM platform? Here are some links to check out.
If you are a Developer / techie: check out the other developer resources too.

XUMM App for XRP ledger users

Using XUMM you can easily track your balance (XRP and other on ledger currencies). You can exchange currencies on the XRP Ledger decentralized exchange. Send and receive XRP or other IOU currencies to friends, family and other XRP Ledger / XUMM users. And when paying or using an XRP Ledger tool with XUMM integration, approving and signing a transaction is as easy as scanning a QR code or receiving a push notification.
XUMM is non custodial, meaning you get to keep your keys to access your funds. Your keys are stored safely, encrypted, in the XUMM application on your device only

Where to use XUMM Sign Requests

More soon
Alternatively you can test requests by creating your own payment requests and sending the request link to other XUMM users.

Platform for developers & businesses

Identify your users with their XRP Ledger account, and/or send ask them to sign a transaction you composed by having them scan a QR code or sending a push notification. Whether you are asking for payments in XRP or an IOU (like EUR or USD) or offering a XRP Ledger tool (eg. for users to trade, setup escrows, social multi-signing): XUMM will make it easy and user friendly. For you and the end user.
Getting started docs API reference
XUMM Developers

Resources for developers

  • XUMM Developer docs & API reference
  • XUMM Developer Console
  • Issue tracker & bug reports at Github
  • Version planning & progress at Github
  • XRPL Labs